UV mapping, unwrapping, setting zones

OK, lets get the stupid nature of my model out of they way first. Here is what I'll call a "toy plane" because there's no way a plane that looks that bad could actually fly.

A bad plane

The point here is that I wanted to do a quick 3-minute model that would have features suitable to demonstate the UV texture tips I've picked up. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

UV map command, where?

You needn't have modelled your work in Wings3D. You can import your model from AoI or just about any other 3D program, and if you have you might wonder where to find the UV mapping features. OK, see in the first picture how the red pyramid at the top of the screen (the one on the far right) is selected? This is "all of object" mode, and you'll need to use it to select your whole model before right-clicking for the apropriate menu:

UV menu

When you select the UV mapping option, a new window will open up with your model and right clicking gives you the UV mapping menu:

The UV window

Now we can start dividing up the sections of the model and have Wings create a nice 2D template for us to paint.

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