UV texturing with Wings3D and ArtOfIllusion

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With per-vertex texturing in ArtOfIllution (AoI) coming in version 1.7, a whole new world of detailed modelling and texturing has been opened up. This tutorial shows you how to use the UV mapping strengths of Wings3D to get an unwrapped model with a corresponding texture template.

I'm really not very good at modelling, so a simple aeroplane will be used. The techniques for unwrapping, auto-feature detection and texture mapping should apply to your much more sophisticated and intricate models.

What do I need to complete this tutorial?

You'll need a copy of ArtOfIllusion (aoi.sf.net), and version 1.7 or higher is required for our per-vertex UV maps. To run AoI you need the Java runtime (JRE) installed on your machine (java.sun.com) and details of this are on the AoI site.

You will also need Wings3D (wings3d.com)

Once we have exported our Wings3D model into .obj format we'll be using a utitlity called poseray user.txcyber.com/~sgalls/ to convert our texture template and attach the converted template to our model.

Wings3D and poseray use OpenGL, but I don't know that much about it and I think that comes with most systems these days. A graphics program is needed to paint our textures. I recommend GIMP (www.gimp.org).

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